(Video) An Easy Way to Keep a Tent Warm in the Freezing Cold


Tent camping in any type of weather is pretty fun, but in all except the warmest seasons, it can also get pretty chilly.

If you pitch your tent after the first hard frost, the chances are better than even that your evenings will run below 40 degrees if not below freezing.

Obviously, if you camp in deep winter, if you have a night above 40 degrees in most of the country, you are experiencing balmy weather.

Those realities make it critical that you be able to keep yourself and anyone you are camping with war – and even better yet – comfortably warm.

One way to ensure that is a reality is to modify your ten to handle a wood stove.

The video on the next page shows you how to install and use the stove safely.

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  1. Craig Small said:

    He has a wood burning stove lol
    Guess how to keep tent warm?
    Carry a wood burning stove with a flu

  2. Loren Thrall said:

    A 20 minute video about a guy talking about how he makes a fire in a wood stove. 20 mins of my life I will never get back.

  3. Ernie Grizzly Anderson said:

    0- degree sleeping bag and a hot hands body warmer at my feet and one midway in my bag and I’m good to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I put my water in the pot im going to make coffee in,so in the morning if it is froze had I can just heat melt the water easy on my pack stove..COFFEE a must!..lol.

  4. Kristy Lee said:

    I wasn’t aware he was only speaking to the guys until he said “Ladies, you should try this too.” It wouldn’t be my first rodeo, or my fiftieth. But thanks for the invite.

  5. Julian P'agean said:

    He really needs to get to the fucking point and stop doddling. What’s the secret? A fucking g wood burning stove in the tent? Duh?$#%&!@*off

  6. David Emmons said:

    Duh, how to make a fire in a wood stove! Ok, thanks for sharing your big secret…fire heats up a tent! I only had to watch 6 minutes before I understood it was a total waste of my time!

  7. Bryan Skipo said:

    I use a good sleeping pad, bag and in really cold nights, i’ll heat up some water, fill up a bottle, stuff it in a sock and put it in the bag with me. Keeping it between your legs keeps you toasty.

  8. John Williams said:

    A wood stove isn’t really feasible in a lot of tents- a tarp between you and the ground and a foam pad (inflatable or solid) build your early campfire with a rock ring and drop a few into your sleeping bag, have a light blanket in the bag with you along with the next day’s socks and other clothes –

  9. John Williams said:

    Look up a tent called The Arctic Oven, it’s made up here in Alaska and is the best tent for sub zero temps and is made to use a wood stove- it’s a little expensive but if it’s a tent you want that’s the way to go-

  10. John W Young said:

    Who brings a wood stove camping!! And cooking bacon in your tent is a great way to draw critters (BEARS)!

  11. Tim Bell said:

    hand warmers sold at walmart somewhat cheep work well to. tossum in your bag or inside your jacket and stay warm and snug.

  12. Richard Durant said:

    No food in your tent EVER…. no fire in your tent EVER….. NO ALCOHOL WHEN YOUR OUT IN COLD WEATHER….. great ways to die

  13. Josh Pilgrim said:

    That’s a scout camp trick..
    Neat.never heard anyone else do that.

  14. Ruthie Clark said:

    Best way to keep tent warm in areas where you can build a fire is to dig hole about the size of your tent,build fire and keep burning until you have a really good bed of coals,cover with 6 or more inches of soil put your tent on top.You stay warm all night.Just be sure you get the coals covered with enough soil

  15. Orvel Young said:





  16. Paul Skeffington said:

    I carry a 50 pound wood stove on every single camping trip. It folds up perfectly next to the night table I brought with me.

  17. Wesly Virgina said:

    The Solar Air Lantern can provide emergency lighting without relying on batteries, fuel or the need to plug it into the wall for power. Just lay in the sun to charge – then inflate the lantern and enjoy hours of bright ambient light. Keep one in your car, at home, or in your bug out bag – the Solar Air Lantern can provide the backup light that you need.
    YES! SEND MY SOLAR AIR LANTERN NOW http://tinyurl.com/jo4nrpd

  18. Vicki Main said:

    Not in Idaho are you going to stay warm in any tent with what ever heat source

  19. Michael Lee Webb said:

    Who cares if the tent is warm? YOU need to be warm. Get a high quality down sleeping bag.

  20. Van Bonds said:

    A wood stove? Why didn’t I think of that? Boy, what a naive stoopid$#%&!@*I am!

  21. Rich Doherty said:

    I put a handwarmer at the foot of my sleeping bag when below freezing out.

  22. Chris Longest said:

    I’m just going to unfollow this page. Granted I’ve seen this done in larger tents more like long-term shelters that have the room and designed for it butt who the hell can carry a freaking wood burning stove along with the rest of their$#%&!@* Come on man LOL

  23. Jason Jones said:

    And still didn’t even show how to install it, but did show us how to bug out from the old lady lol

  24. David Dement said:

    What happened to this page great post then all of a sudden all click bait dumbass stories like this. I liked this site up tell then hell just repost your old stuff if your not gonna vent your post or im leaving

  25. Nathan Ekers said:

    I have a tent i spray glued emergency blankets to the sides and bottom. A-frame style. Even on 20 degree nights im on top of sleeping bag with vent open a lil. $30 tent and $5 worth of emergency blankets= warmest tent ever

  26. Daniel Denapoli said:

    3 large candles in a coffee can filled with sand, it’s what homeless doo to heat a tent

  27. Alex Lopez said:

    Thats pretty fucking smart what kind of glue did you use brand name and where dis you but heating blankets?

  28. Alex Lopez said:

    Thats pretty fucking smart what kind of glue did you use brand name and where dis you but heating blankets?

  29. Nathan Ekers said:

    3M brand glue and emergency blankets from walmart in camping section. Dont need to use 3M thats just the kind we had at work its industrial strength. Id say regular spray glue for fabric would work