[VIDEO] Amazing Survival Uses For The Common Drinking Straw

In a survival situation, storage space is always an issue. One endlessly amazing option for survivalists to utilize is the plastic drinking straw! It works as a great mini container and is surprisingly durable.

Yes! Drinking Straws!

Drinking straws are quite strong and they provide many uses as emergency kit storage containers that are compact, water tight and easily identifiable in your backpack, bug-out bag or emergency first aid kit.

Uses include watertight cotton ball fire containers, anti-biotic ointment pouches, pill containers, spice holders, even an emergency fishing kit! The uses for storing smaller items or liquid and making them airtight is almost endless.

Best of all, because of their compactness, you can pack an entire week's worth of whatever it is you are storing in just a few inches of valuable pack space.

Find out how to utilize this common piece of plastic for your survival equipment on the next page so you can stock up!


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  1. Don Rogelio Roger Solis said:

    They do sell small packets of A&D ointment. No need for the straw. Unless your gonna perform and emergency tracheotomy

  2. Neil Buck said:

    Check your local dollar store for a cheapie funnel set if you’re going to make these seasoning packs. I found one that has a tiny spout that is pretty much worthless… Except for filling straws with seasonings 😉

    Just makes the process a little less messy and easier if you have arthritic hands like me.