(Video) Add a Little Bit of Comfort to Off Grid Living With a DIY Wood Fired Hot Tub


Just about everyone enjoys a good soak in a hot tub, particularly after a day of hard work.

Hot water eases sore muscles and helps you relax as well as gives you a few minutes of relative solitude to unwind.

Hot tubs, though, are notoriously difficult to maintain and can cost a lot – unless you build your own and use wood to heat the water!

Building your own may seem like a major project, but in reality, it is not.

That is what the guy in the video on the next page did and the result is amazing.

Using copper coils and a fire, the water is able to be maintained at a very comfortable 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

To see how he built this incredible, wood-fired hot tub, check out the next page.

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  1. Chebon Lee said:

    It’s just a thermo siphon, just like the radiator setup in a lot of old tractors.

  2. Max Price said:

    Your absolutly right, after work shoot a rabbit, put on bbq, eat right off grill then soak in a water troft & watch the sun go down. good times, good friends.

  3. Counts Henry said:

    Another way is to build fire under the tub & have 2×4 wooden slats on the inside bottom of the Tub. Have done it & works great!

  4. Alisa Molt said:

    ¸.•*°ღ thank you, my “Cowboy” husband used to do this many years ago, out on the range

  5. Tim Terri said:

    We’re getting a 2 x 2 x 6 foot poly tank, using an on demand propane fired water heater, and a vehicle battery to power the pump to create our hot tub this weekend. We live several miles from power that we don’t create and we have to haul our water so it works out great.

  6. Randall Lett said:

    No, no, no. When does the smoke ever blow any direction but in your face?