(Video) A Man Builds a Hardcore Shelter. Nothing is Going to Get Through This Winter “Lab!”


Before you get any ideas on the title, the man who builds the shelter on the video on the next page only gave his shelter the nickname of “The Meth Lab” because of its appearance in the woods. This off grid warrior firmly states that the only thing he'll be cooking is meat near his shelter!

However, this winter shack, built in the snow and cold weather is very well thought out. In fact, with some revisions, it was mostly made by hand!

On the next page watch how a survivalist methodically thought through how to create his “lab.” How he decided to build his shelter and where it was placed was an imperative part of its construction.

Sure he ran into some obstacles, but what he came up with is very impressive and should a disaster take place keep him safe and warm during the winter.

Check out the progression as to how this shelter was constructed on the video on the next page and be in awe — I know I am! 

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  1. Paul Luttrull said:

    I am continually amazed at the “survival” participants on Alone and the such that are settled for weeks with pitiful shelters…seemingly put up in one morning and never improved! Cold, wet & windy …
    Appreciated article…not a hammock fan in cold weather tho…

  2. Kevin Simpson said:

    Agreed. Surely those survivor-show clowns are paid extra to do stupid stuff…

  3. Matt Beck said:

    You can’t imagine how glad I was to ff this video to the end to see the train wreck.

  4. Harold Mcdermott said:

    That would not stop a grizzly best to have a gun with you if you got it setup in Grizzly country, And if you’re like me living in the Canadian north it would need insulation in a wood heater so a little more work depending on your location

  5. Victor Rivero said:

    It’s enough to heep you out of the snow but not going to keep him from freezing to death

  6. Nick Mcdonough said:

    That’s an awesome shelter. If I still lived in Massachusetts i would go build this now

  7. Robert Persall said:

    Too big unless there is more people. Roof is too high, any heat will be up there.