(VIDEO) A Critical Skill Every Prepper Should Learn: How to Get Fresh Water From a Wild Grape Vine

cutting into the grape vine

If a chaos situation ever makes itself known and preppers find themselves fleeing into the wilderness or, at least, living off the land there will be basics that will be needed. For instance, a place to sleep, food and water.

Initially, especially for the well prepared, there should be little problem of obtaining these requirements. However, in a worse case scenario, there may come a time when you will find yourself without a fresh-water lake or river.

What then?

There are plants in the wilderness that house drinkable water. On the next page, we are focusing on getting fresh water from a wild grape vine. You will be shown what and what not to do on the video.

Hint: Make certain you have a cup if you venture into the wilderness and encounter a wild grape vine!

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  1. Whit Davis said:

    If you live in an area with wild grape vines you probably lice in an area with abundant fresh top water.