(Video) 9 Warm Winter Tips That’ll Make Camping More Enjoyable. Why Didn’t I Think of Tip #6?!


Camping during the winter might not sound very appealing. However, with the right tricks and tips, you can sleep like royalty in the frozen outdoors. Snow and cold weather won't seem like such a big deal with these tips!

This video tutorial will show you all that you need to know to stay extra warm and comfortable while you're roughing it in the outdoors. When you see tip #6, you'd wonder why you hadn't thought of that before!

Needless to say, these tips will make camping in the winter time a breeze. So when you're planning your winter camping trip, keep these hacks in mind so that you'd stay warm and comfortable!

Find out what these incredible winter camping survival tips are on the video on the next page!

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  1. Velma Salzman said:

    My tip…don’t go camping when it’s cold, that’s how you stay warm, don’t go camping in the cold.

  2. Nate Dalton said:

    Really great tips. I recommend wearing a hat and then a hat over that one that has a face mask. Your nose will get very cold and cause you to wake up. This will stop that from happening. Also you lose a lot of heat from your head so the hat is really helpful. The best thing I have found to keep heat in oder a sleeping bag in the winter is laying out sheep pelts in a hammock. Very warm. Bulky but light to carry and worth every bit of space and every penny.

  3. Nate Dalton said:

    Honestly if I had the money I would just make a large sheep pelt sleeping bag and you would more than likely be hot. Slide it into a one man tent. Done.

  4. Graham Wright said:

    Wearing a bandana or buff over your mouth will keep it warm and still able to breath