(Video) 7 of the Latest and Greatest Camping Inventions


We are always excited in the prepping and survival world when something new comes along. We pretty much figure everything that can be invented has already shown itself to us or can be improved upon in nature. But then – boom – something new is introduced and we are all like kids on Christmas morning!

Still, let’s be honest, they are all variations for a theme:

A) a new way to create fire.

B) A better knife.


C) Here is a improved shelter!

We are happy to say that while the seven camping inventions over on the next page may be variations, none are typical! Honestly, all are unique in their own way and it is fascinating to watch these inventors show us their wears!

After the break, watch these very special adverts for new and better supplies. As a survivalist, prepper, homesteader or bush crafter, you will be happy you did!

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  1. Frank Viegas said:

    I would not want to try and get out of that thing in an emergency !!!!!