(Video) 6 Mind-Blowing Ways to Put a Sharpener to Good Use. #4 is So Useful!

sharpener tool

Some people will tell you to leave “it” alone. An object, as it was made, was doing well enough for a long time before you came along and decided you needed to do a hack on it! To those people, we say: “You have no imagination!”

Where would we be if every person, who took a good look at something interesting, decided they could not improve on it or make something totally different? Can’t you just see these innovative people just throwing up their hands and determining it is not worth the time and effort? The age of discovery will have come to an end!

Not on our watch!

We urge you to go to the next page and look at a great video that takes something as simple as a pencil sharpener and shows you new and wonderful things that can be done with it. In particular, #4 is such a great idea!

And why not? It may just be a pencil sharpener to some but to others, it is the stepping stone to a marvelous new discovery!

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  1. Lucas Snider said:

    1: sharpen a popsicle stick
    2:sharpen a pencil
    3:make an x acto knife
    4: sharpen a pencil faster/ violently
    5:scrape up the hot glue mess you made doing 1-4
    6: make another x acto knife.

    Thank you. All imperative for my survival in the impending apocalypse

  2. David Webb said:

    Sure…. I’ll just carry a hot glue gun with me too ! 😛