[VIDEO] 5 Awesome Survival Items To Have On Hand

We agree with nearly all these items and thought this video important enough to show all would-be and seasonal preppers. If you have not broke-down you emergency kit yet take a look at this and think about revising!


We love these five survival items and agree they are vitally important and should be in everyone’s prepping arsenal. We like Lilly’s reasoning for the items she left off. RE: Cord, because it can be made in the wilderness in various ways and water, because it can usually be found in the wilderness with either a fresh water creek or a rain catch.

Of course it is always to each their own but if not the items mentioned in the video then what items would you bring?


  1. Christian Saman said:

    I respectfully disagree on the last item. Having paracord at the ready will give you immediate access to creating not just her tarp shelter, but in certain situations, an elevated platform, it can be used to craft weaponry, fish lines, secure baggage, create a sling and many others. Yes you can make cordage in nature. But in SHTF scenarios, you might not necessarily get the time to do all this. Otherwise the top 4 is pretty solid. And instead of fixating on a solid number, I think of weight and volume. My list of primary items. The additionals don’t weigh or take too much room.

    Solid Knife (we have the same one)
    Way to make fire
    Way to boil/store water
    Way to keep out of the elements.
    Solid Flashlight w/ batteries.
    Leather gloves.
    Basic Med kit.