(Video) 3 Crazy Guns from a Lighter We’ve Never Seen Before

lighter gun

While we all want the latest and best gun there is on the market we also know that expense is an object, despite what many free-flowing money survivalists will tell you.

Some of us simply do not have the cash to put out on the best or, for that matter, even the least expensive models. We are saving up and we’ll get there someday but, for now, we need an alternate form of weapon.

While we cannot say this is a replacement for a good high caliber rifle or gun we do like the creativity it takes to build your own weapon out of a lighter. Just a flick of your BIC, and yes we are dating ourselves, can bring about an effective weapon!

After the break, go over to the next page and watch a truly impressive video where a survivor/prepper shows us how to make three amazing guns using lighters!

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