[VIDEO] 20 Ways You Can Use Condoms for Survival

We know what you're thinking. But before you get skeptical and start thinking we're pulling your leg, hear us out. For years condoms have been used as a way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. And statistics prove that they're quire effective at doing their job. High five, condoms! Since we are constantly looking into products that have alternate uses, as doing so can really stretch that dollar, it should come as no surprise that we were downright thrilled to have found various ways to use condoms for survival.

Yes, we know. It seems weird. But we also made a post about alternate uses for Tampons here, so if anything you should have expected this from us as it was only a matter of time. We all know how strong and durable condoms are, so why not keep them on hand for an emergency situations where they can help you survive?

Head on over to page 2 and let's talk condoms! We've got 20 ways for you to use them and you won't be disappointed.


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