(Video) 15 Things We Didn’t Know About Our Planet That Are Truly Mind-Boggling

Congo river

Whether you've explored a good portion of this planet we call Earth, or you've only longed to travel but never ventured outside your home state, we've got something for you! We all know the planet we live on is amazing and most of us are already aware of some of Earth's greatest wonders.

As we progress in scientific knowledge in our modern society, we're always discovering new things about the world we live in and there is always something more to learn about.

We're about to show you a cool video boasting 15 incredible things you may not have known about this planet before.

Highlights from this video include the uneven land mass in the Hudson Bay area in Canada, and this particular feature means uneven gravity.

Another interesting factoid: the first time our planet was ever photographed was in 1946. You can find out more about the story behind the image in the video.

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