(Video) 11 of the Most Bizarre Fungi Explained

turkey tail mushroom

Some may fascinate you while other just might gross you out! We are talking about fungi or mushrooms here!

Identification is the key for any great outdoorsman. If you manage to pick the wrong mushroom, make a meal out of it, and discover it was not the right edible, you may be in for some serious tummy trouble. Not just that, you could die!

Mushrooms that are poison are not just a punchline from a Gilligan’s Island episode. It can really happen and when it does the agony is horrible, keeping many in bed for days and that is only if they work themselves from your system.

Again, this is why identification is so important and this is also why we are presenting you with the video on the next page.

Do not chance it. Take a look and keep some of these fungi in your mind the next time you decide to go on a nature hike.

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