(Video) 11 Life and Survival Hacks for TP Rolls. Who Would Have Thought?!

TP roll hack

Knowing all sorts of hacks are an important part of a prepper’s life. We know we need items that have multi-purposes when we go out, bug-out bags in tow. Who wants to hike with a ton of different items for one purpose each? The same can be said for those members of the survival community who, when the collapse happens, decide to bug-in. You don’t want to us something once then get rid of it forever, right?

You might be surprised to learn that toilet paper rolls can be used for multi purposes. Now, we already know that the paper is not just a great bum-wiper but can also be used as fodder for starting a fire. You have two jobs right there.

But what about the toilet paper roll? Some might have already thought about burning the roll but did you know there are ten other survival hacks to be had with a TP roll?

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