[VIDEO] 10 of the Manliest Uses for Tampons: Survivalist Hacks

Die Hard Survivors understand that things are not always as they seem and random every day items can become multi-functional tools of awesomeness! For example, did you know nail files can be used to buff out stains on your suede shoes (or handbags)? It may seem strange, but your home and office are FULL of commonly used items that – more than likely – have several alternate uses. Talk about getting more bang for your buck!

We're going to assume that many of you hadn't thought twice about feminine products. And we're pretty sure you never thought they'd be used by men.  We're we correct in that assumption? Because today we're gonna talk about tampons. Those scary things your girlfriend or wife will occasionally ask you to pick up and the store. Thank god for self-checkout, right? Now ladies, if you're reading this, we know you're not squeamish over them in the least! So thanks for being patient while we prep the guys….

Now before you get all mouse happy and try to close this window, you should know that tampons can be your best friend if you're out in the woods without a water filter. They can also come in incredibly handy when you're tending to a wound and your first aid kit is running low on supplies. See? We told you there were manly uses.

Wanna learn everything there is to know about how a survivalist can benefit from keeping some Tampons around? We thought so! Continue over to page 2 and prepare your mind to be blown.


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  2. Brandin Bushmaster said:

    No. It does all these jobs half as well as other basic $#%&!@* you should acquire before you buy $#%&!@*ing tampons.