Use this Essential Oil to War Off Ticks and Say Goodbye to Chemicals

ticks on bottle

One debate in my family is whether ticks or yellow-jackets are more hated; it is a tough call and depending on who you ask you get one or the other or a few of us insist “both.”

Ticks, however, unless you are allergic to bee stings, pose a much larger health threat.

Plus, you chances of getting stung are fairly remote if you are careful, but your chances of getting bit by a tick are pretty high unless you stay indoors all the time.

An infected tick can give you several types of diseases, including diseases that we are just discovering and have a very hard time identifying and defeating.

Chemicals, however, are harsh, poisonous and we do not really understand the long-term affects of them on our bodies or the bodies of our pets.

That is why a natural solution that actually works is such a welcome thing and on the next page, we give you one!

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