Trials Every New Prepper Will Go Through…

man standing alone outdoors

Being a prepper is a somewhat difficult and, at times, lonely position to be in. For many new preppers, and for many seasoned veterans, as well, there is a lot of confusing and contradicting material out there.

On top of that, very few family members and friends will fully understand why you are doing what you are doing, and they will call you out on it and will mock you for it.

You will experience a society that is so far removed from the realities of life and the ebb and flow of resources that anything outside of the norm (namely, you) is going to be viewed as a conspiracy nut. Not only that, but they may think you can't be trusted to make serious decisions and or with the care of other individuals, like the elderly or children.

As a new prepper, there's a lot of crap to wade through before you can feel successful.

Take a look at some ideas on the next page for some insight into what you will go through as you make this life transition.

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  1. Dave Ide said:

    I get the comments ” I don’t have to prepare, I just come to your house ” .. They are in for a very rude awakening ..

  2. Alex Smith said:

    You can find tp anywhere. Have you ever been anywhere that doesn’t have pine cones

  3. Buck Hagen said:

    I can relate…
    The “baby momma” came to pick up the kid yesterday. Saw my BOB and literally said I was crazy and needed professional help. Haha
    It’s an inner frame pack w a tarp/tent/sleeping bag roll strapped on it. That’s all! Lol
    I just laughed.

  4. Buck Hagen said:

    Oh! Hey guys…. Look up Wysi Wipes (Amazon or wherever) you can thank me later ; D