Trench Foot: How To Handle It Before It Handles You

Whether you are hiking for an extended period or are in a bug-out situation where your feet are the only available transportation, avoiding common foot ailments is paramount to your comfort and maybe your very own survival.

If your feet get compromised, your chances of finishing a hike or making it through a survival situation without assistance are greatly reduced.

Of all the ailments your feet can pick up, Trench Foot is the most painful and potentially the most dangerous.

Trench Foot happens when your feet are exposed to water for a prolonged period of time and blisters form in the wrinkled skin.

Because your feet are encapsulated in a boot or shoe, they have no time to dry out and the dampness is perfect for infection to develop where skin has parted or a blister has burst.

Today we're going to show you some simple but vital steps you can take to avoid most foot ailments, including Trench Foot.

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  1. Danny Eberg said:

    Water poof boots are not enough , water gets in from the top of the boots .

  2. Daniel Hodge said:

    Good article 🙂 common sense but if you don’t think about it you will forget

  3. Evan Cohrs said:

    @[100000877308159:2048:Nathan Hersil] @[100002789816843:2048:Jerry Hersil] you can always just wear crocs, right? *wink wink*

  4. Joe Kane said:

    Urinate on your foot and keep clean and dry …always bring an extra pair of socks

  5. William Sills said:

    It is.
    WWI plenty lost their feet once the skin sluffed off and infection set in.