Transforming a Home Into a Fortified Castle


We are going back to an old adage: “A man’s (and woman’s) home is his/her castle!”

If we want to keep our castle after a SHTF situation then we may need to do some updating! A lot of you probably already have done so, installing wonderful safes and protection items, but is it enough?

Granted, this is probably more for those who plan to bug-in but even those who are bugging out will have to go somewhere. Is that shelter fool-proof? When marauders come scavenging the land, will you and yours be safe?

We would all like to believe our house, condo, and shelter is as strong as it’s going to get but there may be a few things you are missing. If that’s is true or if you are even mildly curious, you might want to go to the next page and check out some of the observations made by an expert.

It is time to turn your simple home into a fortified castle!

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