Trail Foods From History – Tried and Truth Methods That Work to Preserve Food


Whether you are getting the heck out of Dodge before a predicted, major survival incident or scrambling during one or evacuating as quickly as possible in the aftermath, “food on the trail” is a major concern.

Of course, you can buy prepackaged food supplies, but it can get pricey and there are only so many cans of soup you can fit into your bug-out vehicle.

If the situation is dire enough, where you need several iterations of on the trail food, you eventually will have to resort to more drastic measures.

Luckily, neither you nor I are close to the first human beings to possibly face this scenario.

From Native Americans to explorers to pioneers to homesteaders, all faced the need for eating on the go.

Each came up food sources that could be preserved and consumed at a later date; we cover some of those alternatives on the next page.

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