Tips For Treating Wounds And Preventing Infection

A survival situation is tough enough, but if infection gets added into the mix and you do not know how to treat it, you can get extremely sick and make survival tougher or you can even die.

One simple scrape or a cut can escalate to a full-blown infection if left untreated and if you get an infection, you must respond to it quickly and get ahead of it or it can have dire consequences.

Infections can lead to blood poisoning, gangrene, delirium, brain damage from extremely high fevers and it can spread quickly if left untreated.

That is why you must have an infection fighting kit as part of your overall first aid strategy – whether you are in a survival situation or not.

We cover infections, what to look for and what to do if you get one on the next page.


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  1. Dustin Dontay said:

    This post would be way better if you would include natural medicinal plants to help fight infections and treat the wounds the same till someone is able to reach a hospital or get medical attention. some may be far from help and could use that type of info rather than read what they already know.