Thousands Leave Chicago to Move to Safer Areas Due to its Horrendous Violence


How often do we have to hear the phrase: “It certainly isn’t the way it once was.” before we realize there is a great divide in this country. Economically, things have not been good for some time but when we hear stats coming out of various states around the U.S.A., listing how much more violent one area is than the other, we really must pause.

Then, when you read about every day ordinary people moving from an area that was considered chic and prosperous at one time you again have to wonder what in the world is going on?!

Admittedly, Chicago has always had a gang problem, way back in the twenties and thirties it was known for its gangsters and violence but now, without structure, with the influx of illegal immigration, the poor, and those who simply do not give a damn, life is becoming intolerable in one of America’s greatest cities.

Is it any wonder why so many have decided to leave? Go over to the next page and read about the thousands that have decided to vacate Chicago to live in safer areas!

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  1. Todd Huenecke said:

    Also leaving due to Madigan, Rahm, and Rauner, the worlds worst law firm

  2. Sam Crowe said:

    People are leaving Illinois as fast as they can. The corruption in the governmental bodies is very high. They wont say where any tax revenues go. The state is so far in debt for some reason it will never be out of debt. They keep raising taxes thinking people are loaded with money to give them. I know lets stop giving them our money. Bond status has been reduced to junk and the state has filed bankruptcy cause of the corruption.

  3. Dale Peralez said:

    Why run away, stand your ground and fight for your city. Freedom Is Not Free, take back what is yours.

  4. Anthony Kelly said:

    A lot of north Americans are moving to Australia, a half decent apartment in most major American cities will get you acreage being the gold coast for example. Forget Sydney, prices are insane, however rural areas behind metropolitan areas are more reasonable and suitable for prep minded individuals. Most of the Americans and Canadians I know here, came here to escape the rat race. They are doing well.