This Survival Tree is Touted as the King of Vitamin C. Find Out Why…

man by tree in forest

For most preppers, one of their goals is to become completely self-sufficient. That means when SHTF and they're left without a bug out bag, they are able to survive, with little to no food.

It can be a difficult undertaking to find food, shelter, and live in the woods for days on end without anyone to help you, but if you're a skilled survivalist perhaps this already comes natural to you.

Plus, if you've already practiced in case you were to encounter this situation, you should be more than ready to handle whatever comes your way during an economical collapse.

Well, did you know there's a tree that can aid you in surviving? Not only can it provide you with shelter and food, but if you or a team member were to get sick or feel a cold coming on, this survival tree is known as the king of vitamin C for a reason.

Within this tree are natural healing properties that you can use to make tea that'll help combat a cough, congestion, and more.

Learn what this tree is and how to make a tea drink that's packed full of vitamin C after the break. 

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