This New Solar Panel Can Help Create Clean Drinking Water!


If you’ve ever watched a movie about a heroic super-spy you know they end up facing some megalomaniac who wants to either rule or destroy the world.

More than once we’ve seen said crazy threaten the world’s water supply. It makes for a good couple of hours of escapist entertainment and – hey – we know the world’s water supply could never go down that way anyway… right?

The older you get, the more you realize those things you watched on James Bond and Mission: Impossible are not so crazy after all.

Honestly, what if some madman contaminated our water? What would we do? Wait for a good rain?

After the break, go on over to the next page where we will learn about a new type of solar panel produced by Zero Mass Water.

By extracting and purifying water from the air, we may never have to worry about not having fresh water for the rest of our lives!

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  1. Chevy Jim said:

    the air is to dirty to drink and by taking water from the air it lowers the water in the ground. Off the grid living this can work but not a good idea for the mass city water supplies.

  2. Marty Aubol said:

    Geo engineering is decimating the world water supply. Wake up world. The elite are killing all life on the planet. Oceans are dying due to acidification from nano particles trapping heat. Nasa has 100s of patents in weather modifications and it’s full scale. Wakey before it’s too late.

  3. Patrick X. John said:

    The air in the suburbs and rural areas is just fine. Its the city liberals that need to worry.

  4. Thomas Whitten said:

    I think you’re nuts. Humidity in the air is not going to change nor will using a few gallons from it hurt the planet. I think you’re the one who needs to “wakey”. Freaking nut case….

  5. Thomas Whitten said:

    Humidity in the air is a good idea. Actually been done for a long time. A/C units do it all the time. My problem with the panels is the expense of them. I used to be in the solar industry and I can tell you, panels in general are not cheap by any means. These panels cannot be anything less than $500 per panel. So the picture could represent many thousands of dollars worth of panels alone, not including the systems to make it work. Might want to price this out before you make any decisions.

  6. Marty Aubol said:

    Look it up before you judge. And look in the sky. You are sleeping. Call me names all U want. Look up drought resistant gmo seeds while you’re at it. The gov and Monsanto aren’t your friends. Amazing the sheeple

  7. Marty Aubol said:

    It’s all admitted and patented yet you big mouths spew ignorance. Use Google outside of Google’s brain and you just might learn something

  8. David Mustain said:

    Panels are cheap now days… I just bought a pallet of 320 Watt panels for 70 bucks each

  9. Robert Word said:

    AND the city water CAN be poisened or contamanated.JUST ask your socalled goverment.MASS MURDER but thats ok because your socalled goverment did it!

  10. Allen Mckee said:

    ……You guys don’t think that after all the stores are looted, that the masses are not going to come after you?

  11. Eric Blanchard said:

    Will come after any one with food and water if within walking distance. With electricity you can at least have some yard lights so can see them Comming in the night. Another option… Be outside walking distance

    My nearest neighbor is half mile away. Total 5 houses within 1 mile (including mine) 7 total in 2 miles .

    I’m not expecting them to come by the hundreds or even dozens no matter what I do or do not have

  12. Eric Blanchard said:

    City people so silly. They think every place on earth has masses of people. The fact is 81% the american population lives in 3% of the US country’s land area (urban zones)

    That leaves only 19% of Americans in 97% the land area. So we all spread pretty thin

  13. Allen Mckee said:

    I hear you, but when hungry folks see a light shining and smell hot grub they’re gonna come knocking.

  14. Eric Blanchard said:

    Don’t shine light where can be seen from distance. Black out the windows. Keep lights off outside unless a threat is shown. (Some sort of trip wire that sets off alarm inside house) but as said where I live not many people be Comming hungry or otherwise. And you can respectfully send them away with warning you are prepared to defend what you have. Or you can share a meal with them. No one lives nearby enough to smell what be cooking where I live.

    A person can move. People talk about bug out locations to have similar benefits where I live permantly.

  15. Eric Blanchard said:

    Where I live specificly a light can only be seen by 3 houses (all family members) other direction is shielded by trees.

    Being distanced from neighbors common in country. As well as few neighbors. A tree line like that that blocks light from location not rare but not as common. But could always make a wall as well. Provide self with added layer of defence. Or plant trees or tall bushes (thorn bushes best if want defence as well)

  16. Matt Walton said:

    It’s all about the depopulation… the$#%&!@*they’re putting in our water that is

  17. Gordon Hammond said:

    There are far cheaper ways to reclaim water and capture it. My wife and I have a 2600 square foot roof which is metal. It is captured and it flows into a cistern about 3300 Imperial gallons. I installed a pressure system. Dandy water that we don’t have to worry about going through a water treatment plant that gets supplied by the river which has herbicides pesticides sewage pharmaceuticals abortion inducing drugs to name a few.