This is Not an Average Survivalist Knife. Find Out What Makes This New Automatic Knife so Ideal


A proper survivalist can never have enough knives, right? We didn't think so, either. Sure, you have your favorite go-to knife that you use for pretty much everything. But, chances are, you also have an unhealthy number of perfectly honed blades littering a drawer in your desk or dresser. In this field, it's only natural.

But, chances are, you also have an unhealthy number of perfectly honed blades littering a drawer in your desk or dresser. In this field, it's only natural.

So when a company with as sterling a reputation as Benchmade comes out with a new line of blades, naturally we take notice.

Their Infidel lineup (awesome name, if we do say so ourselves) feature a completely automatic blade that's activated with the flick of a switch. This makes deploying your new favorite toy ridiculously easy.

But that's not all. Find out more about this new prepper favorite on the next page.

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  1. Wayne Bradley Pride said:

    So you have a knife marketed as a survival or shtf knife, which, as such, should be a super strong and reliable blade….But it is ,by design, the weakest possible option at the point where the handle meets the blade and where leverage is typically applied. The only thing keeping the knifes integrity is the aluminum handle housing whatever runners the blade travels on. By any reliability or strength measure, it has no choice but to be a$#%&!@*by virtue of the design. But boy isn’t it tacticool….

  2. Jonathan Gilliam said:

    I have a ravencrest tactical and love it. Blade is much more solid than the benchmade and you can get them a bit cheaper. Definitely not a survival knife. More of a fun defensive knife. And engaging and retracting the blade is addictive

  3. Albert Anderson said:

    Click bait for a the last knife you need in a SHTF scenario. So what do you get paid to post this?

  4. Thomas Whitten said:

    I love the state “you can’t get enough knives.” But not this one. Sorry, but you must have a full tang knife for the hard work and to rely on. Most any kind of switch blade or folding knife, I just can not depend on no matter who makes it. With that said, the knife you have on you is the best knife in the world. Take of it and don’t ask it to something it was not designed to do.

  5. Hunter Cutchin said:

    It’s a Benchmade so it’s obviously made well, I’ve owned a few as well as my fair share of Microtech otf’s and I can guarantee that they are the last knife I would want in a survival situation.

    Many people have pointed out the obvious on the construction but let me point out one more thing…

    How in the hell are you going to call tech support in a survival situation when the blade jams and you lack the specialized tools to take it apart. Not to mention of there’s a post office close enough to mail it back, you’re probably not in a survival situation…

  6. Ken Murdock said:

    This knife isn’t new. It’s at least 5 years old, with different sizes and blade styles. Not well suited for survival at all, except for use as last ditch defensive weapon.

    I’d still love to have one, but damn they’re expensive.

  7. Taryn Mason Brown said:

    I lost interest after I heard “leverage”.. Any man that uses a blade as a prying implement had no business having a quality knife. The only leverage that should ever be applied on a blade is linear from the edge back.

  8. David Williams said:

    I own this knife it is great but it’s not a knife one would use in the woods. This is not a multipurpose knife. It has only one purpose and for that purpose it is flawless.

  9. Wayne Bradley Pride said:

    Taryn Mason Brown,if it is being used, the point where the handle meets the blade is where any torsional forces will be concentrated. I’m not suggesting it be used as a tire iron but a survival knife will be used for many things unless you are surviving at the mall

  10. Russell Grubb said:

    This blade is crap as a survival knife, I have one, the mechanism is too weak to be used in a utility fashion