This DIY Flower Pot Powered Air Heater is Useful and Easy to Make!

flower pot heater

There's no doubt throughout the country it is cold right now. And, when the weather becomes frosty, survivalist and homesteaders like the idea of coming up with alternate heating methods. After all, the electric company will take enough cash from us without adding skyrocketing heating bills into the mix.

The fireplace in your home is always a nice, toasty option but what about the homes that have none? Believe us, more homes are void of heat than you know!

If our host in the video on page two has anything to say about it, no one should get chilly ever again.

In fact, he has come up with a very practical and simple way to generate heat that is as easy as using a couple of pots, candles, and a glass plate!

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  1. PJ Abney said:

    Made this myself, would work in a very small room. Get toxic free candles. I stopped using this because I put a few extra candles underneath the pot and they all caught on fire. Be careful

  2. Jimmie L. Stutzman said:

    Anything with a flame can produce carbon monoxide and is a fire hazard, adequate ventilation is a must and NOT on a carpeted floor !! Place a few bricks as a base. This does provide a limited amount of heat so a small room / space is better.

  3. William Walton said:

    Made 3, all different sizes. All didn’t produce enough heat for anything besides drying socks. I found it was a really nice foot warmer and would probably be nice in a camper or small room.