This Amazing Natural Home In Southern Finland is Truly One of a Kind

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When it comes to off-grid living, the more creative you get with your home, the better. This cottage is made out of all natural ingredients. You won't believe how warm and efficient it is! Check it out!

This is the story of a beautiful tiny cob cottage that was built by a young Finnish artist called Heidi Vilkman. Heidi has built her home using only locally sourced natural materials. It’s especially interesting from an “off-grid perspective” because it combines several natural building methods all in one small dwelling – including earth bags, straw bales, lime plaster, cob and cordwood! There’s even a natural birch bark damp-proof course below the north wall!

via: Heidi Vilkman

Snow covers the ground in southern Finland from December to April, and northern Finland is snowbound from October to April. Cob provides extremely good insulation, and a typical cob home will use up to 20% less energy to heat than a conventional build so it is great choice. It is also suited to hot climates as it will help to keep you cool indoors in the summer and reduce the need for air conditioning.

The reciprocal roof provides a strong enough base for a turf covering.

No man made materials here. This off grid home's natural materials can keep the occupier warm and dry in any weather. Not only is it efficient, it is also aesthetically pleasing and blends right in with nature!

For more on this off-grid shelter, be sure to check out Off-Grid.

Featured Image via: Heidi Vilkman

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