These SHTF Supplies Could be a Game Changer for Your Bug Out Bag…

survival kit

Even If You Think You Have The Essentials Needed In your Bug Out Bag, There's Still More To Compile. Don't Overlook These Essential Items That'll Keep You Sane During That Pivotal Survival Situation.

Having the essentials in your survival bag is a relatively obvious job. A bit of food, an extra change of socks, a knife, some water… these are all things that come to our minds fairly easily when we plan for the worst.

However, many of us tend to overlook some of the things that will go a long way towards making our lives easier when SHTF.

For instance, having a portable solar charger will sure come in handy, particularly if a lot of our bug out plans and guides are on our phones.

Or if you plan on hunting some small game along the way, it may be a good idea to pack a slingshot because the elastic lasts for a long time and as long as you have pebbles you have ammunition. What else should you consider adding to your essential survival kit?

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