These 5 Medicinal Plants Happen to be Some of Nature’s Most Powerful Survival Plants

survival plant

If you need medicine when SHTF, you can find one of these five medicinal plants to help you out!

When a disruptive event occurs, hospitals, doctors offices, and other medical facilities may be shut down. If they are not shut down, they may hard to get to. This is why it is important to stock up on medicine and other supplies.

However, what happens if your bug out bag is out of medical supplies and you or someone in your group comes down with an illness, or you have an infection?

This is when you have to turn to nature and the plants around you. Many plants actually have many uses for treating all types of medical problems from the minor ones to the life-threatening ones.

Being able to find and properly identify these plants may help you out when you can't get medical attention right away. Every prepper should know about these plants and their uses. It may just be what saves your life!

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