The Truth Revealed: How Braving the Wilderness Alone Can Decrease Your Survival Odds

hiking in the wilderness alone

With stories like Wild and Into the Wild, it's easy to see why the romance of traveling alone into the wilderness is gripping more and more people around the world.

However, it's also important to note that with one of these stories, Into the Wild, the young man who trekked into nature to find himself instead found starvation and death.

The wilderness is an unforgiving place that will chew you up and spit you out if you make one minor mistake. For this reason, it's highly discouraged for modern explorers to enter into its depths without the aid of other educated companions.

For some more insight into why this is a bad idea, check out the stories on the following page that could have been easily prevented had the explorers not been alone.

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  1. Dingus McGregor McGee said:

    the one thing that can help you understand being alone. You don’t have to deal with the stupidity of others. Yeah yeah yeah strength in numbers etc etc. But more than 60% of the time I have always seen that others will usually get you killed.

  2. Ryan Straatsma said:

    This post must be for the city folk. Lol. If you have no logic or common sense, here is some info for you…