The Top Off-Grid Emergency Batteries We Should Get Our Hands On

L16 batteries

L16 batteries

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L16 batteries

L16 Batteries were originally designed for commercial use. Their size, deep-cycle performance, and low cost make them an ideal choice for offgriders.


These batteries are suitable for small-to-medium systems.

They weigh about 100 lbs, so they are relatively easy to move.

They last slightly longer than Golfcart Batteries and have a lifespan of 5 to 8 years.


They are about two to three times more expensive than golf cart batteries

L16 batteries pack a punch for commercial businesses, which means they'll be ideal to use post-collapse as well. While everyone else will be scattered and looking around for flashlights during a disaster, you'll be able to power up a variety of electronics and other devices in the house.

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