The Tiny House Revolution: Why People Are Getting Rid of Their Crap and Living the Good Life

tiny home

They say less is more and some people are actually proving that. Not everyone has the interest or means to live in a large two-story house with an impressive back yard.

Purchasing a large home requires a lot of responsibility including large loans, working multiple jobs, and extra maintenance, many people are questioning whether purchasing a McMansion is worth the cost and effort.

There is a slow but growing movement of people opting for tiny houses. Smaller homes mean less space for clutter, less space to clean, and more freedom to live the lives we want.

If that's not enough to convince you, we got a story and some real tips that are sure to inspire you. Check out the next page to see what we mean!

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  1. Les Moore said:

    But this won’t do. Agenda 21 specifies we’ll be crowded into little apartments in big cities. If uoh plan on down sizing on your own remote property beef up your guns n’ ammo arsenal & prepare to defend.