The Thing That Harms People the Most Who Live Off the Grid is Surprising

woman in the wilderness

Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply taking in nature around you from your back porch, it is always important to consider the dangers around you. There are many predators out there, potentially watching you while you are innocently putting up a tent or drinking some water. The more you know about these potential dangers, the better.

Many people may argue about what beast is the most dangerous in the wild. If you're a realist, you might say that man himself is the most dangerous creature in the world. However, if we were to keep human beings out of the mix, there are still plenty of other animals to fear. A few are alligators, hippos, bears, snakes, and even the majestic deer.

However, there is still one beat that is harmful more than any other. In fact — it kills far more people than any other.

On the next page discover which creature kills the most individuals who live off the grid. It may or may not be what you think!


  1. Benjamin Feser said:

    Well I guess but it reflects third world nations pretty much exclusively. Malaria is the disease they say causes most of it and that is pretty limited in which countries it exists

  2. David Sotelo said:

    Is every subscriber on here a RWNJ like “Stevie?” Survival, like God, Guns and Guts ISN’T political! Many conservatives like “Stevie” are urbanites who have never spent one night in the woods in their entire lives! Keep politics out of this!

  3. William Yzerman said:

    I am quite certain he is crushed by your statement. He would have responded but it was so devastating that he is is still in tears.

  4. Josh Vandever said:

    Women are much less glamorous in the bush, if they looked like that there would be many more survivalists out there. Just saying…

  5. Meg-Ric Greer said:

    Burning even a lil bit of sage will send them scattering for hours

  6. Buck Fuller said:

    Mosquito , to save you the clicks

    And it’s an insect not an animal