The Survivalist Guide to Honey: It Kills Bacteria And Heals Wounds!

Did you know honey is an awesome bacteria killer? It can even be used as an agent to promote healing! Honey is such a versatile product that many doctors, champions of modern medicine, are warming to its amazing qualities.

An ironic aspect about our “sophisticated” society is how much, despite technological advances, we rely on “old” methods to address modern ills. As advanced as we are in some ways, in others, traditional remedies work as well or in some cases, better than newer inventions.

The good news is  you can use honey for a variety of medicinal purposes, but you need to be aware of what you are buying. Some honey works better and some, particularly if it is imported, can actually have harmful additives.

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  1. Arctodus Simus said:

    I get those small packets of honey at fast food restaurants to keep in my first aid kits

  2. Tony Isgrig said:

    I keep a big bottle next to my peanut butter stash. Antiseptic and delicious.