The Simplest Survival Tool You Need To Have On Hand

simple survival tool


Sometimes the simplest tools are the best tools to have around. When simple tools have so many alternate uses (like this one) it can easily become a “catch-all” tool that you want to have on hand at all times. Within minutes of making this ourselves, we soon put it to good use as a flat-head screwdriver and fixed a desk in our office. See? Endless options!
Step 1

Take an old spoon (not your wife's best china) and cut off all of the handle except 1″ using a hacksaw. Using pliers, curl what's left of the handle into a enclosed circle/oval. Place the bowl of the spoon between two rags on a solid surface, and hit it with a hammer until it is flat. Hopefully the rags kept it from being scratched significantly, but if they didn't, you can use a metal polisher to shine it up again.

Step 2

Using a metal file, grind down one edge of your flat spoon until it is reasonably sharp.

Step 3

If you complete this step you can also sew a small leather holster for your survival tool. If you do post a picture and tell us how you did it!

Step 4

Cut a piece of leather about 2′ long, run it through the hole in the spoon, and tie it off. If you don't have leather you can use yarn, shoestring, etc…

Alternate Method: You can use a 10″ long string instead if you are going to make a bracelet.

Rather than leather, we recommend that you hook your spoon through a string of paracord. Having this on hand will serve as double duty. We don't recommend the bracelet option because you could inadvertently harm yourself by reaching, pulling or gripping something. Having this item around your neck should reduce accidents caused by a sharp option.

Is This Something You Think You'll Make?

If you plan on making this project yourself, tell us about it! There are many variations you can come up with on your own and many alternate uses. If you think of anything useful this tool will come in handy for, share your idea in the comments section below.