The Rock – A Survivalist’s Last-Gasp, Fail-Safe, Always Present Survival Tool!


No. We are not talking about the professional wrestler.

This is about the common rock, found in woods, backyards, driveways and pretty much everywhere else.

For as long as human have been scurrying around the planet, we have used rocks as tools, weapons, even as pets!

Yet, in today's amped up survival tool market, the everyday rock is often overlooked, if it is considered at all beyond some applications for fire starting.

But rocks are valuable survival tools, especially if your normal arsenal of tools is missing, damaged or worn out.

Sure, a rock is not your “go-to” choice for survival or even one of your first ten choices, but in a pinch, rocks can play a vital role in making sure you have the tools to survive you need.

Find out what we mean and how to use a rock to your advantage on the next page.

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