The Pros and Cons to Using a Bike as a Main SHTF Mode of Transportation


In theory, it sounds like a terrific plan. When the grid goes down, when gasoline is going for a hundred dollars a gallon, when there are no mechanics to be found, we will have bikes to ride!

Granted, unless you are an experienced rider, long distances will be a challenge but at least you will not have to worry about fuel… and bike riding is excellent exercise anyway, right?

Unfortunately, there is a downside. It may not make itself known right away but eventually you just may not want to ride around in town on your bike for security reasons, among other things!

Eventually, as the days turn into weeks or even months, you will need to go with whatever mode of transportation works best for you and your family.

If a bike is what you want to use, if you have a plan, then it may be the perfect approach, despite the danger.

Still on the fence?

After the break check out what experts say are both the pros and cons of using a bike as your primary transportation when the grid goes down!

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