The Most Clever Homemade Substitutes for Toilet Paper

toilet paper roll

What would you do if you suddenly ran out of toilet paper? It's not something a lot of people consider when SHTF! It's easy to forget about the TP when you're focusing on bugging out or in, food, fire, and water!

A lot of people figure if they run out of TP they can always use leaves. Leave that to a wandering Xena, Warrior Princess and think about the alternatives instead.

Besides, toilet paper is a valuable resource and it's not exactly something you use more than once, right?

So it's time to check out some homemade alternatives for TP!

Let’s look for homemade alternatives for toilet paper!

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  1. Connie Pine said:

    How about like right now be working on making a big Big bag of rags .Old worn out dish cloths , wash cloth , towels torn in peices , old pillow cases torn in peices .
    Just saying might could wash them out reuse them or throw in fire burn it .
    Just keep on making big of rags store them up . Old t shirts material etc. . don’t laugh just idea

  2. Beth Smith said:

    This is kinda long and involved! I’d use tree leaves all summer and probably grow some mullein and/or lambs ear as a houseplant for winter.