The Ideal Tool List: The Tools You Will NEED When the Grid Goes Down

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When the grid goes down, you'll quickly start to notice just how few tools you have to get anything done. We place a lot of dependence upon the electricity infrastructure around which our society is based.

That's not a bad thing; it's a really efficient and convenient infrastructure.

However, when it eventually goes down, whether from a series of bad storms, a shift in the climate that undermines how we get our energy, or a massive EMP strike, most of us will be at a loss as to how we will get the most necessities.

You can bet that it will essentially be every man for himself (or woman for herself) in a scramble just to survive from one day to then next.

To not only survive, but thrive, you'll have to make sure you have a lot of tools to handle every purpose in your daily life, and not one of them can rely on power. Check out the tool list on the next page to get your tool shed stocked.

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  1. Scott Watkins said:

    They left out shotgun and ammo, .22 cal. rifle with ammo and self defense weapons such as an AR, AK, or pistol.