The Gear Needed to Bear Proof a Campsite

bears tear a part campsite

Here are a few ideas, products you might consider buying if you have ever experienced a problem with bears while camping, or even if you suspect you may have a problem in the future! Sure, bears are fascinating but not when they are eating the breakfast you so carefully prepared, leaving you hiding in your tent until they’ve finished!

Portable Electric Fencing
On the farm, hot fences keep livestock in. In camp, they keep snoopy animals out. Portable electric fences aren’t cheap, but they can be effective and worth the weight. You can encircle your food cache, livestock feed, or your tent.
Bear-Resistant Panniers and Coolers
Your run-of-the-mill cooler is no match for Yogi and Boo-Boo. But if you are willing to pay a premium, the market is full of coolers and horse-packs that are proven to at least slow down a hungry grizzly bear. And if they’ll resist a grizzly, you’re probably safe against a raccoon.
Bear Resistant Bags
One recent innovation is Kevlar food bags, like those made by Ursack. These bags are designed to be tied very tight and then secured to (not necessarily from) a tree or rock. Military grade zip-top bags keep the scent in.

There are more ideas and products over on Outdoor Life, but the few above are a great start!

If you want to avoid bears altogether you may want to talk with a local ranger to make certain the woods you are hiking and camping in is “bear free” or at least infrequent. Otherwise, who knows what you will run into. After all, while we liked watching Yogi and BooBoo on TV, when kids, it does not mean we have to like them, or their vicious counterparts, in real-life!

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