The Easiest Way to Pick a Lock

picking lock

As survivalists, we have enough to worry about without dwelling on the small things. For example, locks where keys have been misplaced or lost can easily be taken care of with a bolt cutter if you are willing to ruin the lock. But what about if that lock happens to be in your house and apartment? Your car?

And what about your friends and acquaintances? How often have you heard them say they had to call a locksmith because they locked themselves out of somewhere?

Learning to pick a lock, keeping that lock fine for later use – because you may eventually find that key – is possible to learn on your own. And, who knows, in a SHTF scenario it may become imperative for any number of reasons.

Over on the next page, we will show you the steps to picking a lock. It is not as difficult as you may think and if you become excellent at having this skill may be indispensable to both you and those around you!

Think of the future and what you will be able to trade for that skill!

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  1. Mike Reitano said:

    Joshua St thought of you when I saw this article you should read it so you don’t get locked out of the RV again.

  2. Joshua St said:

    Fucking right thanks I guess a pallor isn’t always going to be there when I need it haha how ve you been

  3. Mike Reitano said:

    Bro i wish. I gota get a new bike. Then ill go anywhere. Ore a sick 4×4van.

  4. Joshua St said:

    Yeah 4×4 helps would of been nice to have it out here in new Mexico there are mad dirt road trails to go get lost on, but I’m not trying o get the rv stuck. So much to see so little time

  5. Mike Reitano said:

    You got get a little mini bike yo. Ore something like that you can put back in ore on the rig. You can probably find and fix one out there for like a couple hundred dollars.

  6. Joshua St said:

    Yeah I’d love to have something like that but it’s only a 4 cylinder engine, the 22re toyota

  7. David Lyons said:

    This has come in quite handy for me. Twice in the last six months my wife has locked her keys in the car. Both times I’ve been able to pick the lock and open the door. I’ve probably saved a hundred dollars not having to pay a locksmith.

  8. William Rahl said:

    Anyone know anything other than a bobby pin or paper clip to make a tensioner out of?

  9. Justen Carter said:

    Look up how to make a bump key. Keep one around your neck. So much faster then picking for most door locks less then A dead bolt.

  10. Seth Howell said:

    You can make a bump key. Ez s can b. Picking takes some finesse.