The DIY Fishing Kit – Easy to Make, Inexpensive and Effective!

fishing survival kit

Just about everyone knows that in a survival situation, fishing is one form of securing protein and nutrients that is available just about anyplace you find yourself.

There is even a show on televisions that highlighted the fish you could catch in the cooling lake of the Chernobyl nuclear plant – the fish seemed to thrive even after that catastrophic meltdown!

If fish can thrive in that environment, it is safe to say they could be anyplace you find water that is any more significant than a puddle.

The trick is catching them, which, if you are in a survival situation, might prove tricky given it is unlikely you will have a full fishing kit at your disposal.

That is where a DIY Survival Fishing Kit comes in!

This handheld, mini fishing kit addresses every aspect of fishing from casting to “reeling in” your catch to holding the tackle you need.

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