The Backpacker Deluxe Sewing Kit by Gear Aid is Just What Every Prepper Needs

camping tent

Every survivalist needs to learn how to get back to the basics, and one of those important basics is sewing.

Obviously, this doesn't mean knowing how to create an entire wardrobe from scratch, but it would help to learn how to make minor sewing adjustments when necessary. That way if you're in a bind and your shelter tarp or camping gear gets a major tear you'll be able to mend it. The same goes for other important supplies as well.

Whether you're a novice or an expert, we got everything you need to know about setting up your own sewing kit for survivalists.

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  1. John Bickness said:

    Sewing kit tip. Wrap thread around a needle, then cut a coffee straw to size and use a lighter to seal one end. Put threaded needle in there and put it in your wallet or kit.

  2. Seth Strong said:

    A lot of folks think im crazy bringing one, until i use which is about every othet trip. I like to keep canvas needles and some dacron or braided fishing line for some hd repairs.