The 10 Best Non-Power Tools You Must Have at a Minimum

old hand drill

It's safe to say that in most emergency situations, electricity becomes a highly sought-after resource. We've seen countless cases where very few people will have power in their homes and will run an extension cord out to the yard so that others can charge their cell phones and get in touch with their loved ones.

That's fantastic for communication, but how will those people carry out other ordinary tasks in their daily lives if they don't have any power?

When these events run into the long term, such as with Katrina and potentially in the future with other superstorms or with an EMP burst, it will be in your best interest to have supplied yourself with all of the tools you'll need to take care of business just as you were with electricity.

On the next page, you can take a look at a comprehensive list of the top non-electric hand tools you will need to keep living long after the lights have all gone out.

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    If you can sharpen a scythe you can sharpen a push mower