Taking Advantage of the Incredible Off Grid Winch From Two Logs and a Rope

flip flop winch

Before we start, there are two major areas in which this amazingly simple-yet-effective design can be used: 1. Pulling your vehicle out of the ditch on a lonely back road, 2. Absolutely any lifting job in an off-grid SHTF world.

Pretty wide scope, I know, but that's due to the fact that, with modification, this basic design can be applied to most heavy lifting situations.

When you find yourself without any help and need to either move a huge boulder or a dead vehicle, an electric winch will certainly be able to get the job done.

Little do many people know, with just two sturdy logs, a good length of quality rope, and some heaving and hoeing, any task that could be accomplished by a high-power modern winch can also be accomplished by the arm power of just one person.

To learn the secrets of the Flip Flop Winch, check out the tutorial on the next page.

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