Take Those Fire-Building Skills to the Next Level by Learning How to Make the Perfect Bird’s Nest Tinder Bundle

tinder bundle

Starting your small campfire should be a relatively easy task and we think this trick will only make it easier! Check out how you can take your campfire skills to the next level by learning how to assemble a bird's next timber bundle.

To assemble one, use your coarsest fibers first, coiling them into a circle to form the outermost layer of the bundle. Next, add some finer materials to the center, mashing them down so they resemble the cavity in a real bird’s nest. Finish off the tinder nest by adding very fine fibers to the center of the nest, as a place to set your coal or char cloth.

When it’s time to use the bundle, place your ember or char cloth in the center, and carefully fold the bird nest closed. This completely surrounds the ember with tinder. Just make sure you don’t compact the bundle too tight. This may crush and kill the ember. Once folded shut, blow through the tinder with tight lips (as if you were whistling). Find the spot that makes the most smoke, and focus your blowing there. You can hold the bundle in your hand, or place it on the ground if you’re concerned about getting burned. Then be ready to move the flaming tinder into your waiting fire lay, once the fire erupts.

Have you tried to make your own faux birds nest tinder bundle and if so, how did you create it?

This is an excellent skill not only to learn now but this is something you should know how to do in the future as well! Whether you're bugging out or heading on a camping trip, understanding multiple ways to start a fire is beneficial. If you don't know how to make a bird's next tinder bundle now's your chance!

Source: Outdoor Life