Tactical Hand Signals You Need to Know for Survival

tactical signs

When you least expect it, a collapse can take place, and suddenly you're in a life or death situation. You're unable to communication with your family and team members and are not sure what to do. So what steps do you take next and can you communicate successfully without being discovered?

This could happen in the future, but luckily hand signals can save you during a situation like this. Hand signals are useful in any situation in any environment. If you can't communicate like you normally would, knowing, hand signals are the key to your survival.

People already use hand signals daily. NFL quarterbacks often use hand signals to shift offenses, and NASCAR drivers also use signals when they want to notify others that they're hitting the pit spot. Baseball players also use hand signals during the game.

The SWAT team, military personnel, and the police all use hand signals to communicate as well, which can come in handy during a dangerous situation. Even though extrasensory perception may be a strong point with you and your team, having the knowledge of hand signals can help you during that vital moment.

When SHTF and you're in dire circumstances, knowing what hand signals to use will become an invaluable tool.

Learn some basic and vital hand signals that every survivalist should know after the break. Once you have these signals down, you'll feel safe that if the situation ever presents itself, you'll be ready to communicate like this during a pivotal moment. 

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