Survivalists Smokehouse: $100 DIY With Recycled Pallet Wood

Not many people will turn down killer BBQ. And we're relatively confident the same amount of people would't say no to deliciously prepared smoked meats or cheeses (mmm… smoked turkey and gouda sandwich!). Some of the best smoked BBQ (we know – best combo of all time) we've ever had has been prepared by some of our family members living in Texas. We've been told different things about meat quality. Similar to the crock pot method of cooking, some say it doesn't matter how tender the cut, etc., because cooking the meat for such an extended period of time will tenderize it. So basically, don't waste your money of an expensive cut if you don't need to. Similar things have been said about smokers. But because we personally have not smoked our own meat, we recommend asking around to ensure you're happy with the finished product.

Are you excited about taking on a rad project this weekend that'll only cost you $100 in supplies? We know we are! Head over to page 2 and let's get started!


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