Survivalist Wound Care: How To Avoid Infections

Cuts and open wounds can pose a serious threat to you or your loved ones while out in nature. The risk for infection is high and depending on the severity of the wound you'll want to ensure you are prepared to assess the situation properly and treat yourself or the individual affected in the best way possible. By learning more about first aid and wound care, you'll be able to provide effective wound care and help reduce the possibility of infection or contamination and if done right – heal the would.

If you've ever seen an infected wound, it's not pretty. Infections can be painful and depending on the type of bacteria within the wound, they can cause the individual to feel very sick and even incur a fever. Other infections can drastically affect the surrounding tissue of the wound and cause it corrode. If a wound is not properly treated initially, and bacteria settles in, a person may then need to be treated with antibiotics to kill off the infection. So do it right the first time! Don't risk infection, learn how to treat wounds properly to prevent a potentially serious situation.

Continue on and we'll show you different wounds and how to treat them to avoid infection.


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One Comment;

  1. James McCarthy said:

    Honestly, the one sure fire way I’ve found to avoid infections.

    Is exposure. Your immune system is like a muscle of you use it, it gets stronger.

    Considering I usually get sick one day a year, and solve it with whiskey and a steaming hot bath. I think I’m on to something.