Survival Shelters – Different Types and When They are Best Used


According to the Principle of Three, you have about three hours to get yourself a shelter if you find yourself in a survival situation.

Obviously, that time amount varies and depends on your immediate situation; if you are stranded in a tropical area, you probably have a bit more time, but in a sub-zero environment, three hours might be pushing the window of survival.

But as a rule, three hours to get yourself a basic shelter is a good way to prioritize your survival checklist as you formulate a strategy to make it through.

Luckily, depending on your situation, you usually will have a lot of options; even someone unprepared has a slate of shelters to choose from if they are innovative and resourceful.

To see the most common types of survival shelters as well as advice on when to use each one and how check out the next page.

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  1. Larry Newsom said:

    One dude sets his poncho as a shelter, one guy sets his as a ground cloth, use rucks as pillows/wind blocks. Add woobies and snuggling and you have a cozy little sleeping area lol

  2. Steven LaRose said:

    Pray it don’t RAIN… There is to much GREEN still on the trees.. Alone in the woods? And if you have this you may survive.. Until the Bugs and Snakes find you or it RAINS